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We would love to hear from you as soon as possible, but before you do read below for a quick heads up on what you should have ready and should consider before starting, so you get the best service and best results.



To help your startup, we need to know your company/business name, your industry, and also the theme you wish to tailor for your site (e.g modern or classical theme). Once we have these in place we can start to design your website. The reason why is because our marketing team will know what the latest trends are for that industry, the latest designs and also what will language style will need to be applied to your website so you fit in and stand out.



To get your website to represent you, giving it a personality that is tailored to your business, the content has to be right. We would love for you to have high-quality photos ready for us, so we can display them in your gallery or projects to really make you stand out against your competitors. Not only this but, if you feel like you really want to have a certain piece of text you have written or maybe your come-up story, then let us know so we can do exactly that.


Important Factors

Having a website is only half the battle for online presence, alongside this, you will need SEO, security, professional logo, Google business, and marketing. All of these factors play a huge role and would be absolutely necessary if you really want to dominate the online side of your business. Although they are separate products we offer, we recommend you opt in to never lose out, so you can create leads and get your business busy.

Let’s get creative

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