prism design studio ltd 

We are Coventrys expert designers, serving clients nationally and internationally. Our team of experts is divided into three and have been handpicked to serve different purposes as we seek perfection in every stage of the journey from planning your website to designing your graphics and completing your SEO. 

Designers | Marketers | Developers

Our designers are carefully picked for each job, as each designer has a unique skill which they are a master of and we use each of our designers strengths to specialize in the specific area we need them in. We have a specialist for every field, be it Photoshop, Illustrator, SEO, Marketing and Coding.


We keep in close contact with you, and we want to ensure your expectations are met to make sure you’re happy with us. Furthermore, you can even come into our office and speak with us directly if you feel comfortable doing that.  We’re flexible and open, when we speak we don’t use technical terms.  We keep it simple.


We dont provide just a standard service of web design and SEO (search engine optimisation), we push this further by offering custom professional logos, photography, videography, and bespoke content just for you. Furthermore, we allow you to upgrade from a standard package to a premium having to only pay for the additional services.


We dont have a jack of all trade team, our team has been specifically chosen based on criteria, we have our design team for illustrations, photo editing, and all imagery-based work. Then we have another team who are masters at UI/UX to ensure your website is attractive and user friendly.


With over 10+ years of experience in the design industry, we have been providing our SEO, digital, and design services proudly. With more than 20 websites per month, we have expanded into the heart of the Midlands are recommended by a multitude of customers. Our feedback has always been great but the one thing we love the most is the fact that our clients have stayed with us from the beginning and are still with us.

Let’s get creative

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