We are a team of experts in web design & development with marketing & SEO professionals with our portfolio flourishing in Coventry for over 12 years. We provide flawless services to our clients in all types of industries. We pride ourselves on our design, implementation strategies and marketing.

experts in design.

We know that on average, your website has roughly 5 seconds to make a good impression on your visitors. How confident are you that you’ll be able to make them stay? 

We are one of Coventry’s established design agencies and are widely recognized for our expertise at creating successful websites that drive traffic and impress customers.

As passionate as we are about web design, we are just as keen on delivering sites that impress and ROI. Building relationships with our clients that are lasting and fruitful, our years of experience is what gives us the ability to give you an edge over your competitors improving your business growth. 

Our designers ensure that your website follows trend and is responsive to help you achieve your business goals and increase revenue. We also specialise in SEO, PPC and Marketing including all your social media. Our carefully constructed SEO campaigns help our clients get found for their products or services on Google and other major search engines like Bing & Yahoo, which allow more potential customers to find your products and services which in turn injects a boost in revenue and profits. 

In the current times we live in, there are over 3 billion search queries everyday and over 60% of all search queries are made on a mobile phone or tablet, can you really afford to not be online? 

This is just the beginning, We do so much more!

We have many services available to choose from including UX/UI to serving your brand, creating your brand, and even marketing your brand. Furthermore, we also offer (SEO) Search Engine Optimization and go deeper into this by ensuring your website is mobile optimized and responsive. Don’t worry, we also make sure GDPR is covered, while offering you the option to also have your own professional logo created from scratch and copyrighted to make sure that it stays unique to you and you only.



We know how important it is to give your customers the best and easy experience.

Brand Identity

When we design for you, we ensure your brand is more than noticed and stands out.



Excellent communication to make sure your ideas are understood and implemented.


Easy To Set-Up-Service

Our expert web design team will carry out tasks to ensure GDPR compliance.

Personalised Web Design

A website that is unique to you which is made from scratch to suit your industry and business.


Professional Logo

Not only do we create your website but you can also opt in to get a custom made logo.

We love to make our customers stand out and look unique by creating, custom-made logos & using our photographers to capture perfect moments which will be displayed across your website. We care for our customers in every avenue, ensuring everything is perfect and the highest quality possible.”

who we have worked with

We have designed websites for a multitude of industries, so your profession is of no problem for us. We work with companies from all over the UK and because of our 5 star rated service, PRISM Design Studio makes it so easy to discuss your dream ideas and start putting all of this into reality in easy, clear steps that meet your project deadlines.

Let’s get creative

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